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  • 9.Q: What is the difference between steamed and roasted sweet potatoes?+

    Each has its unique scent and taste.  You may choose accordingly.
  • 10.Q: How do I enjoy the iced roasted sweet potatoes?+

    Chill it for a while before starting enjoying it. It tastes like ice cream. Or you may heat it in a microwave oven/rice cooker or oven; the skins of chilled roasted sweet potatoes are edible, as all of our sweet potatoes are carefully cleaned and pass all chemical residue tests.
  • 11.Q: What are the differences among Baked yellow / red / purple sweet potatoes?+

    ►Yellow sweet potato contains a higher degree of sweetness.

    ►Red sweet potato contains rich carotene and is slightly sweet.

    ►Purple sweet potato contains rich anthocyanin with a lower degree of sweetness but has a unique taste.

    Each kind of sweet potato has a different mouthfeel, level of sweetness, and taste.  In terms of mouthfeel, red-flesh sweet potato contains a higher level of B-carotene and may taste like carrots for some people. But for those who are used to the taste, it is distinctly different.
    Yellow-flesh sweet potatoes have a creamy and sweet taste but are not in season during summer; thus, contains more fiber.
    Purple-flesh sweet potatoes contains a high level of anthocyanidin and have a unique taste.
    Please sample to determine what you like, and choose accordingly.

  • 12.Q: Why are sweet potatoes different in shapes?+

    Sweet potatoes are natural agricultural products and affected by seasons, weather conditions, soil, and the environment.  The size and degree of sweetness of each sweet potato are different, which is the feature of natural agricultural products.
  • 13.Q: Is it safe to eat a sweet potato that has sprouted? Is it poisonous?+

    Sweet potatoes that have sprouted are still edible.
    It is not poisonous, and it is safe to eat.